Here’s a confession. I never had Ramen noodles in college. Mac & cheese, definitely. By the truckloads. It was later I discovered the beauty of a seemingly harmless package of dried noodles with a mystical silver pouch stuffed somewhere inside. According to this article, Americans consume 4 billion packages of Ramen noodles a year! That stat will be skewered a bit upward on Wednesday. Kensington churches have challenged attendees to join the Hole in Our Gospel challenge. The second week of the challenge is A Hole in Our Menu. Each day has its own focus. Here is Wednesday’s:

Eat: Ramen Noodles 
Focus: Local Refugees
Southeast Michigan has a huge population of refugees from the Middle East. Many of these immigrants have suffered grave injustices and lived in places where they had little or no control over their lives. Many have lost family, friends and homes. They usually arrive with almost no money, possessions or understanding of American culture. They may not know English, and most lack access to a car – critical to getting employment. Thousands of Iraqi refugees who fled the war have gravitated to the Detroit area, home to America’s largest Arab population as well as a sizable Iraqi Christian (or Chaldean) community. Kensington is partnering with local schools and agencies to reach out in love and support for our new neighbors.

The idea is to try living on less than $2 a day, like 2.6 billion people do in this world every day. Take what you normally spend on food and give it to someone else. If you’re already in, I’m sure thank-yous are in order. If not, maybe give it a try.

Besides, Ramen noodles are the main ingredient to the most diverse dishes on the planet.