Never mention free food to a journalist. Whenever a kind soul brings food into the newsroom, my co-workers spring to life, pop out of their cubicles and dash like lemmings to the free offerings, with little regard for their  dignity. I’m different, in that I don’t sit in a cubicle. I usually try to not be the first to race for the food. I said I try. I do, though, show restraint, limiting myself to only one piece of chocolate. (One piece of each variety, to be clear).

Speaking of free food, Lakepointe Church in Macomb Township on Sunday, March 18, is celebrating its second year. After the 10:30 a.m. service, there will be a free luncheon for all guests. It will mostly be a great time to get to know the fine people at Lakepointe. If you are looking for a church to check out, I strongly recommend Lakepointe. I’ve talked with Pastor Scott Blanchard a couple times, and I have lots of respect for him, as well as Jared Sabo, who leads youth ministries at Lakepointe.